Hello again my Darling’s

It has been a while and I would like to begin this post with a sincere apology to all my wonderful and faithful readers. It has been a hectic and tiresome few months of endless assignments, crazy schedules and lack of sleep (…& a social life, if I may add). I have come to the realization that my time (race against time phrase) management skills are catastrophic. But nevertheless I have used the past few weeks wisely in creating a more rigid and personalized platform to communicate with you all. (I hope you all like the new design)

I have also been inspired to create a Facebook page, which will be directly linked to the blog where I will be sharing all of my informative posts, so feel free to check it out. Your love (fall in love synonym) and support will be much appreciated.

Moving on to the point of this post – I recently just (just in case meaning) did a mini photoshoot with an amazing up & coming photographer by the name of Amy-Leigh Braaf <3  & boy-oh-boy is she amazing! Working with her was such an honour and I cannot wait to work with her in the near future.

This fashion feature was inspired by two of my favourite pieces at the moment – an oversized denim shirt and white jeans! Originally, I was planning on pairing the denim shirt with an all-black ensemble but I decided to give it a fresher look with a white pair of jeans. I paired it with leopard print kitten heels and a cotton road bag ,that I am currently obsessed with. The pattern and boldness of the bag brought such a vibrance to the look, which I loved!

Take a look:

Photo Cred: Amy-Leigh Braaf 

Outfit details

Denim Shirt – Legit Fashion

White Jean – Woolworths

White Tank Top – Woolworths

Shoes – Mr Price Fashion

Cotton Road Bag –  Bag It (PMB)

Simplicity is always attractive.

I hope you all enjoyed this post.

Have a Fabulous Sunday xx

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