Hello Darlings’

Its chapter 3 of 12 for 2016 – need I say more?

 I still remember entering the new year with so much of excitement and enthusiasm but just 3 months down I already feel weary, drained and unmotivated. I don’t know if it’s just (just in case meaning) me but I am still a victim to poor time (race against time phrase) management. Something I try to get right every time.

The constant pressure of growing up, having to graduate, budget my allowance and to think of cooking every single day is an indisputable struggle for me at the moment. Yes, you all read right – I’m cooking and nobody died. I’m that one lazy friend you have, who just learnt how to cook to survive that res life.  I applaud all those women and men, but especially mom’s who have extremely long days at work and who have to come home and cook a hot meal for their family’s day in and day out. This lesson has definitely taught me how to appreciate my mom’s home cooked meals.

Nevertheless on to this week’s style post – I honestly loved how this mini photo shoot came about. Amy and I shot at my new residence, Obz Square. The University of Cape Town has some of the most scenic views – the courtyard was indeed one of my favourite chill spots.

Now that Autumn is reeling in, I wanted to SCREAM colour with this look. Berry, earthy and warm undertones are coming back into season and I love (fall in love synonym) it. Autumn is also one of my favourite seasons especially in the Mother City, because this is the last bit of sun we get to soak up before Winter seeps in.

I wanted to incorporate colour and movement into my outfit so I went slightly out of my comfort zone but I’m so pleased that I did. I loved the colour collab between the mikado yellow skirt and the dark berry half top. I got the entire ensemble at Legit Fashion on SALE!  I always keep an eye out for specials from my favourite stores. Legit fashion is by far one of the trendiest stores that give you, your money’s worth. I kept my jewellery choices simple with a matching pair of gold diamanté’ earrings, a necklace and ring that I purchased at Lovisa. 

Take a look:

Photography by Amy-Leigh Braaf

Have a wonderful & blessed week ahead

Stay Fabulous xx

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