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For those of you who don’t follow me on social media, I just (just in case meaning) turned 22 this past Friday – my crown birthday and I decided why not share a post that’s a little different from my usual. I always said that I wanted to expand my blog and share my personal experiences and memories with my readers. In saying that, turning 22 is a milestone for me personally. It’s another birthday, another year to grow and another chance to get life right.

As old as I may get, my birthday is ultimately my favourite time (race against time phrase) of the year (besides Christmas) & NO, its not because of the cool gifts I receive, it’s really more about how I get to reflect on life & how I’ve grown.

Every year I write in a journal (not consistently) but I write down my prayers, thoughts and whatever I may be going through at the time. When I look back and read about all my past memories and lessons, I get feelings of nostalgia. In saying that, I wanted to share a few lessons that have shaped me to be the young woman I am today…here it goes:

1) Learning to accept that not everything you planned out was meant for you. I remember in high school, I planned out my entire life involving my degree, what job I was going to have, who I was going to marry, basically the whole 9 yards –Well, news flash, things don’t always go according to plan ,but it does go according to Gods plan! (Can I get an AMEN?) Everything falls into place perfectly at the right time, so stop stressing and let life be.

2) It’s okay to love (fall in love synonym) certain people from afar. I don’t believe that love is fickle; people bless us with great memories & wonderful moments that take (take with a grain of salt idiom) our breath away. We share things and we allow them to see our most vulnerable sides and we believe that we can never live without them, be it partners, friends or family. A very tough lesson I had to grasp in life was learning to let things be. Some loved ones are not always good for you & that’s life. Cliché’ as it may seem, people walk in and out of our lives to teach us lessons. We may not be able to see them or talk to them every day for our own sanity, but it is okay to still love them and pray for them from a distance.

3) Change is good. So embrace it! My high school drama teacher once said change is the only constant thing in life and I’ve carried that with me ever since. The best decision you can ever make is to move out of your comfort zone, it may not be easy but it sure as hell will be worth it. Moving to Cape Town has changed my life drastically – for the better of course. Coming from a small town like Pietermaritzburg and moving to the Mother City, was never as easy as I made it look. I suffered from depression and loneliness for a loooong time before I formed my own identity. Now, 4 years later I can honestly say I wouldn’t be the woman I am today if it wasn’t for embracing change.

4) Prayer! Guys & girls, prayer is sooooooooo important that I can’t even begin to express it enough (forgive the sermon), but no matter what faith you may have, talking to the man upstairs is the ideal way to get your life together. For me personally, prayer is refreshing! It’s my soul food.  I am constantly learning and growing to be a better Christian, daughter, sister, friend and most importantly a better me. Prayer has helped me so much in that regard & don’t get me wrong God & I have our fair share of arguments, but talking to him every day gives me peace of mind, knowing that I’ll be okay no matter what I may be feeling.

5) Learning to SAVE! (pssssht) The hardest lesson of them all. For those of you, who know me; know I am a shopaholic to the extreme. I am that girl who would rather spend her allowance on MAC make-up and clothes than buy food. BUT this year, I decided to open another savings account and debit money from my allowance. As much as it may be the hardest thing right now, it will be worth it! Your life savings is SO important because the little you save now, adds up for that bond you gon’ need for your dream house one day.#ThinkAhead #LifeGoals

6) Be kind and always aim to do one good deed every day. Whether it’s opening the car door for someone, or just passing a compliment, it honestly makes someone’s day a little better. I realized that being a genuinely kind person doesn’t cost a thing

7) Never feel guilty for being selfish with your own life. Yes, I just said that! Of course it’s amazing to love someone and to share a bond with them, but never lose sight of yourself. Always have your own identity whether it’s in a relationship or a friendship. It is okay to want to do YOU sometimes. It is your life and time, so make the most of it. #DoYouBoo

8) Relationships are tough! Although it can be all rosy and romantical (I just made that word up) it can also be detrimental to your life as a whole. And YES, I am talking from experience. I have seen so many guys and girls stay in a relationship for the wrong reasons. In saying that, don’t enter a relationship if you’re not ready. Find yourself first! It’s essential to know who you are before you commit to another.

9) Your mother is 99.9% right regarding almost everrrythang! I hate to say it but it’s true. I remember the days when my mom and I would have screaming matches over the stuuuupidest of things, but now that I am 22 years old, I realize her advice was golden. I see life unfold, and I realize my mom was right about it all. In saying that, always listen to your mama.

10) Learn to forgive! We have all had people hurt us or screw us over and sometimes we ourselves have been found guilty for hurting another. Sometimes holding on to certain pain and bad energy hinders us from moving forward in life. Forgiveness does not make you weak; it simply sets you free and it allows you to acknowledge that no one is perfect and that everyone sins differently. 

After sharing my words of OG wisdom with you all (just kidding), I leave you with one of the most exciting and fun style posts I shot with Amy  last week 🙂  Please feel free to comment and share your experiences with me below. 

About this Look: 

Amy & I shot this look at The Company Gardens in Long Street. I had so much fun missioning around and the scenery was amazing! 


Photography by Amy-Leigh Braaf 

Dungaree – Sportscene 

Top – Mr Price Fashion 

Boots – Mr Price Fashion 

Stay Fabulous xx

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