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I hope you all are having the most incredible Monday

As you all may have noticed, I took a long break away from blogging after I completed my exams last semester. It’s been a stressful and hard few months and I just (just in case meaning) needed some time (race against time phrase) away to recoup.

I spent my winter vacation in KZN, visiting family and friends. Although I expected the trip to be a short one, I decided to stay a little while longer. I realised, I’d be graduating in a year  (God-willing) and these long visits would soon become a thing of the past because of work and adulthood.

I am so thankful I got to spend quality time with my loved ones. Although it’s great to be away from my hometown and the perks of independence and my lifestyle in the mother city excites me – I have feelings of nostalgia and major FOMO. I miss out on so many precious moments from people that mean so much to me. I’ve missed my best friend’s wedding; both her pregnancies, watching my beautiful niece grow up, special birthdays and anniversaries – it is quite a sucky feeling when you think about it.

Now that I’m back in the Mother City, it’s back to the grind. Long days and short freezing cold nights. I find myself continuously reminding myself why I’m here. Have you ever sometimes questioned your goals and purpose? Whether you’re doing the right thing and on the right path?

Being the first from my immediate family to study and come this far is an achievement, not just for me as a young Indian woman but for my family as well. Although staying in college and pursuing this goal of mine to have a degree hasn’t been the easiest.  I have wanted to give up so many times and sometimes I still do. I don’t think people, specifically parents; understand the emotional challenges students face along this journey. Depression, anxiety, sleepless nights, low grades, shattered self-esteems and unhealthy diets – trust me the list goes on.

What keeps me going you may ask? A great support system and PRAYER! I also just keep envisioning myself with my black gown and cap at the finish line.  Years ago in high school, I wanted to study. I wanted a degree before I ever gave myself to another. I wanted independence. I wanted my own. And the fact that I am living everything I envisioned for myself as a teenager is a blessing in itself. For those of you feeling down, barely holding on and about to give up because life kinda sucks right now – YOU are not alone. Hang in there. Everything has a way of working out.

Wise words from my mom, confess every single morning that…

“Today, something good is going to happen to me, and today something good is going to happen through me!”

About this look:

I have been lusting over thigh high boots for quite some time now. It is such a trend and a great investment for all seasons. I was blessed enough to receive a pair for my 22nd birthday.

I got to work with a great friend and photographer – Sibu Mpanza. He won 2015’s Samsung Social Star competition and has worked with some of South Africa’s great and inspiring personalities like Jo-Ann Strauss. It was such a fun experience, especially  because I love (fall in love synonym) working with new creatives.

I paired my thigh high boots with a low waist light  blue jean, a black oversized trench coat, a black of the shoulder top and a fedora hat. I didn’t want to accessorize heavily because simplicity is best. The boots alone stand out and bring the ensemble together, creating a chic urban look.

Photography by Sibu Mpanza

 Black Coat – Truworths

Jeans- Edgars Fashion

Black of the shoulder – Edgars

Thigh high boots – Spree

Fedora Hat – Boutique in Cavendish Square


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