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Boy oh boy, where has time (race against time phrase) gone? – Can you guys believe 2017 is almost over?

A few weeks ago, I walked into the Victoria Alfred Mall at the Waterfront before coming to KZN and I felt overwhelmingly ambushed by Christmas decorations. I couldn’t help but feel all fuzzy inside. I know fuzzy is not a feeling BUT how else do I explain, that immediate emotion that made my tummy go all weird inside.

A dozen questions came rushing to my mind, one question in particular was on repeat ever since – what did you accomplish this year?


Well entering 2017, I had hoped that I would be graduating this December, but ohhh how reality hits you in the face…More like punches you in the face if you ask me.

After being at UCT for 4 years now, you’d think your home-girl would be graduating with her first degree. Well, it took me a while to accept that won’t be happening. I have decided to extend my degree for another 6 months to a year in 2018. It was not an easy decision, but I had to put “Andrea” first and not the title that comes with being all degreed up.

I had to put my mental health first and be at peace with my choice. I always say that people and obstacles may hinder your journey, but no one can take (take with a grain of salt idiom) away your blessing.  At this particular point in my life, I have come to realise that I have to complete this degree for myself. Me. Andrea. The tiny girl with BIG dreams – Going back to the question currently on repeat in my head, the answer is Growth.

I, Andrea Jocelyn George have accomplished growth.

Growth in my heart, the way I think, the way I handle situations.

Growth in my characteristics as a young brown woman.

Most importantly, growth in my journey of self-discovery.


As 2017 comes to an end, I encourage you to stop being so hard on YOU! We look at ourselves from the inside-in and often don’t realise how far we’ve come. It’s easier to look at the negative and the glass half empty – BUT, I challenge you to take a moment, sit back and marvel over the lessons learned.

Growth is uncomfortable, and I can guarantee – we have all experienced some form of discomfort in 2017… So, I’m sorry to break this to you – but you have grown boo! Whether you like it or not.

I think there is something beautiful about reflection – knowing you’ve grown through all the craziness, tears and  change – is such a badass feeling!

About this look:

I have been obsessed with ruffle sleeves but to my despair, my small-self always drowns in such blouses. I was lucky enough to find an extra-small and a fit that suited my upper body in a store called New by Foschini.  I wanted the creative direction of this shoot to reflect comfort and versatility during the festive season. Tash and Shakeel Toefy photographed my idea beautifully.



Photographed by Half and Halve Photography

Top & Jeans – New by Foschini

Sneakers – Sportscene 

Sunglasses – The Fix

Earrings – Lovisa

Have a Fabulous Festive Season xoxo


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